Decorating with dollar store candles


Candles are always appealing in home decor. You can use them in any room in the house. Most dollar stores stock a variety of pretty candles and each season brings new wax creations to delight. Rather than plunking one pillar candle into a traditional candle holder, why not think outside the mold? In decorating, things are always more eye-catching or appealing when grouped together and any non-flammable container might serve as a candle holder.

In this example, a carved-look pillar candle was teamed with two gel and wax tea lights and two floating floral candles on a small oval plate to make a display for a botanically inspired bathroom. This particular candle grouping cost about $4.00. The smaller candles are meant for display only, since they wouldn't last long anyway, but that's entirely up to you.

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