What happens in Vegas...Actually, there isn't much happening in Vegas.


A few years ago, a bunch of female colleagues asked me to join them for a jaunt to Las Vegas. As I had never been to Vegas, wasn't dating anyone, and wasn't totally and completely stupid, I jumped at the chance. Between cheap Spring Break flights and shared hotel rooms, the trip didn't really cost all that much, and we had a lot of fun.

Julie (one of the women I went with) steadfastly refused to marry and subsequently divorce me (I was hoping to get the first marriage out of the way, but, alas...). Instead of tying the knot, I blew a little bit of money on the slot machines, played a couple of hands of blackjack, and ended up more or less breaking even.

For me, though, the real draw of Vegas was its outrageousness -- the insanely huge casinos, the ridiculous displays of wealth, and the surprisingly cheap prime rib. While gambling is all well and good, you can't really see the town from a seat at a gaming table. And I didn't just see the town, I painted it red, with the style and panache that only an impoverished college student can muster!