Shopping at dollar stores still a "dirty little secret"...but why?


What is it about the thought of shopping at a dollar store that makes some people cringe? Quality has always been linked to a price tag. Sayings like "you only get what you pay for" are firmly embedded in our collective conscience. But it ain't necessarily so and people are slowly discovering that they don't always have to spend a lot to get a lot.

The beauty of shopping at a well-stocked, well-organized dollar store is finding small items of comparative quality with department stores for a lot less. While the basics like stationery and hardware items remain comparatively fixed for selection, if you like treasure hunting, new surprises are stocked in almost every aisle on a regular basis. Recently, we found some beautiful 3 1/2" tall tulip-shaped candles in pretty pastel colors for a buck each. You can find vases, fabric flowers that rival craft store finds and a multitude of quality scrapbook materials and tools, to name just some of the deals. So you gotta ask: why pay more than a buck? George Washington may be hobbling around on crutches right now but that's all the more reason to help him go the extra mile by taking him for a turn around a good dollar store.

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