Preposterous products: Meatwater: Protein survival drink

bottle of meat
bottle of meat

Just yesterday I was thinking about how much technology has advanced but I ended up lamenting the fact that meat has been left behind over the years of advancements in the kitchen. Despite numerous attempts, obtaining meat in a liquid form has largely been limited to various gravies, commonly found at large family gatherings. This form of liquid meat was hardly portable and only came in a limited number of flavors.

Thankfully a breakthrough has occurred and now Meatwater is available in a multitude of different flavors ranging from "Basic Breakfast" to "Dirty hotdog". Meatwater is a high protein drink meant to supplement your diet and provide nutrition on the go. I don't know if I am more turned off by the thought of drinking 'Peking Duck" flavored water or by the fact that you are supposed to serve Meatwater at room temperature!

Even though I am turned off by the current product offering, I think I could be swayed if they offered bacon straight up! If you aren't already being active then I couldn't imagine a need for a protein drink like this. On the other hand if you are an extremely active and looking for an extra source for protein which you can grab quickly then Meatwater fits the bill.

Anyone out there lusting for breakfast in a bottle, escargot on the run or a little sip of schnitzel?

via (Inventorspot)