Gas prices make some people go mad...


Today I was reading my favorite part of the local paper, the public record section which lists all the police call outs and responses. As usual, it made for an entertaining lunch and served as a reminder both of how dumb some people are and how gas prices affect behavior! The incident report is below for your enjoyment.

"A Findlay motorcyclist was admonished Wednesday for driving past the Marathon office, 539 S. Main St, and "flipping off" and swearing at office workers outside the building. He was displeased with the increase in gasoline prices."

Wow! Ignoring the fact that these office workers have as much to do with the price of gasoline as they do the price of rice in China, using excess gas to complain about gas prices is a boneheaded move.

To add to the perspective gas just touched 3.95 a gallon here earlier this week but has since retreated to $3.85 in most areas. The comedian inside can't wait to see the antics that occur when gas hits $5 and $8 per gallon in the future. The taxpayer in me hopes people keep their craziness confined to the Internet and random yelling in their own homes so police don't need to waste time and gas to deal with senseless people.