Comebacks we'd like to see: #23 -- OMG! No need for vowels in textglish


This post is part of our series ranking the top 25 bygone products and trends we'd like to see return.

Ive 2 ADmre a gNR8N dat hs lrnD 2 liv w/o vowels. Textglish is so much more efficient, allowing the young to increase the speed of their communications while keeping anyone over 30 from understanding them. Thumbspeak messages can be composed one-handed under the desk away from the teacher's eyes. Messages can be keyed while driving 70 mph, or blindfolded, or both.

Also benefiting from the new language are stockholders of cell phone companies, who are making fortunes from text-addicts who send "Wassup" to their friends every hour on the hour. Who would be so callous as to put a dollar value on friendship, though? As the bard so eloquently wrote, "I count Mself n Ø Ls so happy As ina soul rememberN my gud F?"- Shakespeare, Richard II

Nonetheless, I have a soft spot in my heart for vowels, probably because I labored so long to learn them. Or perhaps because I still hope to collect on my ex-friend's IOU.

What out of fashion forms of communications do you miss?