Beat the recession: Refuse to participate!

recession buttonAre you sick of the "R" word? Do you skim over recession-laced articles online? Is your industry set for a downturn during the recession? Today I found a really amazing response to the thought of an oncoming recession from Ivan Misner, founder of BNI, a business networking company. In fact the idea is so simple you might even be dismissive of it. But I challenge you to take this advice to heart. Just refuse to participate in the recession. Phew, easy enough to say anyway.

The theory is backed by an anecdote Ivan relates of a busy real estate salesman he met recently, who claimed he was having his best year ever. Shocked by this assertion, Ivan asked how this was so. It turns out the secret is to stop throwing a pity party at the water cooler and get out there to drum up business. Even if the economy is going down the drain, someone is going to be buying and someone is going to be selling. In a tough market it is the person who refuses to accept that their industry goes into the crapper during a recession who will be living the high life.

If you are feeling the affects of the economic downturn at home by increased costs of living or the loss of a job, refusing to participate in the recession is a bit harder to envision. For many people what you do at home or after your day job may actually turn out to be an easier way to refuse to participate in a recession. If you lost your job, hit the pavement and show someone you are worth hiring. You may not get your dream job and it may not be what you want to do but If you get out there you instead of consenting defeat to the economy there are opportunities!
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