What to do when you get pulled over

police lightsBack in February Tom Barlow covered 40 ways to avoid a traffic ticket which provided some great tips relating to preparation, driving, and what to do if you do get stopped. Just this month Car and Driver posted an article which contains some great information to build on Tom's original series. Car and Driver went straight to the ladies and gentlemen in blue to find out the top 5 best things to do if you are busted and the top five worst things to do! Nothing beats hearing this advice from the individuals you have to deal with out on the road and the advice comes with anecdotal experience to back it up.

Even with the best driving you will likely get pulled over at some point in your life and the actions you take may heavily influence the outcome of the traffic stop. Even those done with the best of intentions can result in unease for officers and money out of the pocket for you. When you do get pulled over be sure to put yourself in the officer's shoes and realize that someone going for a cell phone or an insurance card can look a lot like someone going for a gun. At the same time be sure you are aware of your rights when it comes to a traffic stop. Instructables recently released a guide which covers what to do if the police stop you, which is information worth knowing.

As someone who has been pulled over on more than one occasion and received a few tickets over the years I'll be quick to note that sometimes even the best tips and advice from officers won't get you out of a ticket. I am related to a State Trooper and two of my childhood friends are officers as well, which has translated into a large amount of respect for officers as a whole. No matter the outcome I've found that there isn't any substitute for a little respect and a lack of contempt when it comes to interactions with police officers. Unless of course they earn the contempt, in which case spite away my friend ... spite away.

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