USB Doomsday Device Hub: $39.99 at ThinkGeek!

Remember when you were a kid? If you were anything like me, you probably dreamed of the day when you would be doing big things, making huge decisions that affect millions of people, defusing bombs at the last minute, holding the safety of the world in your hands...

Flash forward a couple of decades and here you are. Sitting at a computer, writing posts for a personal-finance blog (um...for example). Sure, it's important stuff, and you probably affect a few lives here and there, but you're not doing the James Bond, lives-hang-in-the-balance kind of things that you thought you'd be doing.

Well, the fine folks at ThinkGeek have come up with a great way to inject that extra bit of drama into your life. Their USB Doomsday Device Hub has four switches. Switches one and two are toggles, and switch three is a key; once you activate them, the red light goes on to tell you that the device is armed. Then, if you're sure that it's the right thing to do, you can flip up the clear cover on switch four and push the big red button. The box emits an explosive sound, but you know that the explosion is just the tip of the iceberg, a little hint of the mayhem that you've just released into the world. The key is that, whatever you did, it was big.

If the four switches and the cool explosion sound don't do it for you, the hub also has four USB slots that will help you find places for all of your computer's add ons. Best of all, at $39.99, it's 20% off the regular price. Save the world and save some money...what's not to like?

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