For those who wouldn't be caught dead with ordinary office supplies

When I was in middle school, I had trouble with fashion. A lot of trouble, according to my friends. I never thought about what I was wearing. I just threw something on and went to school, and for whatever reason, I was fond of wearing flannel button down shirts. And at some point, since this was before the grunge days of the 1990s when flannel became fashionable, someone pointed out to me that I looked like a nerd. From then on, I spent the rest of my middle and high school days always worrying about how I was dressed.

I've always liked the fact that ever since going to college, I've never had to really think about whether I'm in fashion or not. In college, you tend to dress down, and since I've worked in my home office for years, I can mismatch socks without a crisis erupting. That said, I get out into the world sometimes, interviewing CEOs, consultants and the like. I can't be completely fashion clueless.

All of this is preamble for the fact that Staples is unrolling what they see as fashionable accessories for the business person. They're calling their line M by Staples.

I'm sure if I had any sense of fashion, I'd know what the M refers to. Perhaps it's a parody of another fashion designer? As it is, all I can think of is that James Bond likes to hang around letters, like his gadget guru Q. But I have a feeling I'm getting off topic.