Penthouse will hook you up with a pious partner


Diversification is a common approach for companies that wish to insulate themselves from market shifts. I've rarely seen an example as amusing, though, as that behind the Christian dating service The site, which proports to 'Bring people together in love and faith," is owned by the porn purveyor Penthouse Media Group Inc., which claims almost half a million members, queries potential members about their goals. Among the choices are 'to find a prayer partner' and 'find a Bible study partner'. There are no drop-down boxes to check for three-ways or dominatrix. The survey also asks about the respondent's relationship with God. "Oh God Oh God Oh God!" is not one of the menu responses.

I'm guessing this story, which was broken by Jennifer Odornêz in this week's Newsweek, will bring the site crashing down like the walls of Jericho. Until then, members should understand that a cross dresser is not someone who wears a religious artifact.