Trade in video games for camping/fishing gear at Bass Pro Shops


The toy store for anglers, Bass Pro Shops, is offering a 15% discount on a wide selection of fishing and camping gear in trade for old video games on May 21-26th. This clever campaign, with the obvious message "get outside and play", is limited to one video game trade-in for one discount per family.

On May 17-18, BPS, in conjunction with Stearns, is also offering boaters the chance to trade in their old personal flotation devices (PFDs, better known as a lifejacket) for a new Stearns PFD. This is a great idea for any using an old PFD, which could rupture along the seams just when you need it, or still carrying around a 'one size fits all' PFD that could slip off a child faster than Sunday School clothes.