Price of beer on the rise

Bad news for beer drinkers: rising fuel costs and a rise of more than 300% in the cost of hops have led to a year over year increase of more than 4% in the cost of beer at retail.

Grocery prices going up, going up, going up...
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Price of beer on the rise
It's not just the products with wheat, but nearly all your groceries that will feel the pressure from rising wheat and soybean prices.
Hops are one of the most amazing fruits in the world; they grow extremely fast and you can turn them into delicious beer! What could be better? Unfortunately, a 300% increase in the price of hops has beer growing more expensive; it's only up 4% as of mid-May 2008, but more increases are expected.
Most commercial cattle is fed (unnaturally, as it turns out) corn. When grains get more expensive, hamburger will trail right along after it.
Most commercial brands of bread are made with soybean oil, making them doubling impacted by the rising prices of wheat and soybeans.
Cereal will respond quickly to increases in prices to wheat, corn and soybeans.
I reviewed Cynthia Hillson's self-published book, 'How to Feed Your Family', and one of the strategies mentioned is to forego spendy breakfast cereals (their prices are going through the roof!) and instead eat homemade oatmeal and pancakes.
Pizza is made of all kinds of ingredients whose price is going up; notably, the food is very reliant on the cost of wheat. How much does YOUR pizza cost?
With the cost of wheat going up, it may make sense to start making pizza from scratch (and it's healthier, too!)
Barilla pasta, long sold at Trader Joe's for 69 cents a bag, has gone up to 79 cents a pound; and if wheat prices keep rising, it will soon be a dollar per pound.
Chickens are fed some combination of soybeans, corn and wheat in most commercial farms. As those get pricier, so will eggs.
Though bulk foods are obviously hit by price increases, too, they're a great way to keep from spending on the things that don't really matter; packaging, for one; marketing, for another.
The first and most obvious hit to grocery costs from rising wheat prices: wheat flour. Buying from local companies like this Bob's Red Mill brand, though, may be the way to go.

Check out the video from MSNBC for more color.

Here's a quick tip: if a 4% increase in the cost of beer is enough to impact your financial situation, the rising cost of beer is probably the least of your worries. Please seek help immediately.
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