Fake skylights for claustrophobic homeowners

fake skylight
fake skylight

Have you ever wished for a big picture window or a skylight for an interior room in your house? Maybe your basement office or your first floor, middle of the house kitchen could use some livening up. You're in luck, The Sky Factory, sells fake skylights and fictitious windows to brighten up even the most central locations in your house. The system works by inserting pictures of the outdoors into window frames or skylight settings which are then backed by LED or fluorescent lighting to improve the aesthetics and livability of any location. You can even pull in outer space or underwater images to customize your living space.

The potential for these products is huge! Think of the retention rates when everyone in the office has a virtual corner office due to the luminous virtual windows. Adding a virtual skylight with a summery scene to your house could be the ticket to fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or claustrophobia. If so you might even be able to write pass the improvement off as a health benefit. Additionally these fake windows may be just the thing for your exhibitionist side! Now you can enjoy the feeling of relaxing or partaking in other activities wearing only your birthday suit directly in front of the window without the pesky threat of public indecency!

People have long used mirrors and other illusions to make a room appear bigger or brighter but this solution from The Sky Factory seems a little more elegant and high tech. It isn't as high tech or nerdy if you will, as my goal to procure several HD cameras and large LCD monitors to make a wall in my office reflect one of several locations worldwide but I think it will suffice. If you are simply looking for the sunlight benefits of a skylight without the fantastic view check out our previous coverage, how to light your home for free.