Wedding registry for the groom


For some reason society as a whole has decided that weddings should be the brides "special day", during which nothing better go wrong for her. We tend to forget that weddings are just as important for many grooms and that it is also their special day! Having gotten married just under 3 years ago I can testify that the wedding registry offerings are very bride-centric. I think the only places which offered a registry catering to men in any real sense at the time was Amazon. It seems that a startup has recognized this void and stepped up to offer a wedding registry with the groom in mind.

The Man Registry is not only a male oriented wedding registry but also a great resource guidance and tips for grooms as well! The Man Registry is basically with a shot or two of testosterone. The Groom 101 section is really cool with tips for everything from the bachelor party and rehearsal dinner to ring selection and financial responsibilities of the groom. Even if you don't partake in the kegerator and electronic laced gift registry they offer, these guides are priceless for the groom and the best man.

I wish I had The man Registry when I got married, at the time we settled on registering mainly at Kohl's, which provided a good set of essentials but lacked any stand out manly products. The advice articles also are well written and provide a great deal of information most first time grooms do not know. I plan to forward this one to several friends who are getting married later this summer and I am sure they will all find it useful.