Ann Coulter dartboard cover: $4.87 at Young America's Foundation!

If you've found that your dart game has been suffering lately, or are just looking for a way to revitalize your love of the sport, I humbly suggest that you check out the Ann Coulter dartboard cover that is currently on sale at Young America's Foundation [sic]. Featuring America's favorite wacky ultraconservative in a provocative pose, this handy-dandy paper coverall is nicely proportioned to fit over your regulation-sized dartboard. If you have a smaller or larger board, you can simply cut Ann down to size. Betcha Al Franken wishes that he could do the same!

If your tastes tend more toward the conservative, the Ann Coulter dartboard cover also doubles as a nice piece of cheesecake photography, showing off her pipe-cleaner thin arms and piercing ice-blue eyes. It will make a nice addition to your "Right-wing cuties" collection, along with your images of delightfully mega-svelte Nancy Reagan and Rush "Huggy Bear" Limbaugh!

Best of all, at only $4.87 (67% off full price), you can bring home the Coulter without going into deficit spending!