A magical Mother's Day without much money

loveA good friend and coworker of mine was having trouble finding the right Mother's day gift for his mom. He dearly loves the lady, and wanted to get or do something very special for her. His problem was that available cash was in short supply. After careful consideration he came up with the perfect Mother's Day gift.

He shaved off his beard and cut his hair, something she had been asking him to do for a number of years. His mom is joyous about the change.

I think I'm safe in saying that most mothers couldn't care less about whether or not we spend any money on commemorating their government-declared special day. Moms want sincere hugs and kisses. They want babbling grandchildren close at hand. They want their hands held firmly as you tell them how special they are to you. They want to know how the lessons they taught you still serve as guides in your daily life. Moms invest their whole lives in their kids. The dividends of motherhood should be just as sincere.
While diamond pendants and bouquets of roses are fine, and pretty paper cards with sentimental jargon may suffice, these things seldom reach the heart in the way a facial caress might. A big envelope stuffed with refrigerator art from the kids can carry more weight than a disinterested porcelain figurine. A sip of tea over conversation about family history may be appreciated more than dinner at a fancy restaurant ever would be.

Think hard about what your mom might appreciate for Mother's Day. Think from your heart, not from your brain or wallet. When you come across that idea which puts a lump in your throat or a tear in your eye, you have probably come across the inspiration for the best Mother's Day ever.

May God bless mothers everywhere. You are all truly awesome.
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