Bike to Work Week starts Monday!

bicycle and man on suit
bicycle and man on suit

This coming week May 12 through 16 is Bike-to-Work Week with Friday the 16 being Bike-to-Work day. The event is sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists and has many events nationwide. The league has also provided a listing of 50 ways to enjoy the bike related festivities during May, national Bike Month. If you have organized an event in your local community as part of the celebration you can get it added to the official page of events.

Biking to work is a great way to save money on gas as it approaches the $4 mark in many areas of the country. Biking to work has many other benefits including being environmentally friendly. The exercise gained from biking to and from work even a short distance is good for your body. The savings over time for being healthy and in good shape throughout your life is worth more than most people can tally up.

If I was more of a morning person or if I lived closer to work I would definitely take advantage of Bike-to-Work week. Unfortunately I live about 20 miles one way from work and I don't have the desire to get up early enough nor do I have the physical prowess to bike 20 miles and then put in a full day's work. If my employer provided a good shower facility I might attempt to bike every now and then, so long as I had a safety net to pick me up when I fell behind.

Do any readers bike to work? How far do you go? Does your employer provide areas to benefit bikers or incentives to bike?