Smile and say!


File this under the heading of "What will they think of next?" The condom marketer Lifestyles has put a new spin on an old photo booth. Gone are the days when you and your love could snuggle, giggle and mug it up in the five-for-a-quarter photo booth. Back then, you dropped in your coin and you got a strip of black and white snap shots. These days you put in your money, pose for some snaps and you could get your pictures along with... you guessed it... condoms.

Lifestyles brand debuted its novel new photo booth concept in January at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Since that time, the company has expressed an interest in having more of the booths built for placement in large city clubs. Personally, I think the idea would present too much of a logistical nightmare for the company to be of any real value. I think the idea is more of a timely yet quirky publicity stunt.

Now, I have some ideas for other ways to move condoms. They could give them out at gas stations for when you get screwed at the pump. Or how about having the IRS send condoms out on a regular basis to taxpayers? In that scenario, they might want to furnish some complimentary KY Jelly also. My state Department of Motor Vehicles could put one in the envelope along with the yearly vehicle registration payment notice they send. We might also start looking for them in with those handy Social Security benefit estimates we're supposed to get each year.

Kudos to Lifestyles for coming up with an original condom awareness device. The approach is to be admired for its novelty. But honestly folks, It's my opinion that photo booths are for picture taking and they should be reserved for that purpose. Condoms on the other hand, are for... well... you know.