Go green with a battery powered lawn mower

battery lawn mowerHigh gas prices don't only affect your vehicle; for many homeowners mowing your lawn is getting more costly each week. Fortunately for the frugal and eco-conscience home owner, there is a battery- powered lawn mower which claims to provide a cheaper and quieter home landscaping solution.

The Neuton company sells two different models of its battery powered mowers, both with an optional trimmer, starting at just under $400. The Neuton company estimates close to $250 in savings over a three-year period when switching from a gas-powered mower due to fuel and tune up costs. Additionally if you live in any of five counties in Southwest Ohio, you can currently get the mower for $289 through a special program at the local waste department.

The Neuton mowers are much quieter and lighter than conventional gas powered mowers, which for many users will be a huge positive, but these benefits do not come without a few trade offs. The Neuton 5.2 mower, which is the lightest it offers, does have a smaller mowing area than most gas mowers and some users have complained of poor power. The newer Neuton 6.2 mower provides a wider mowing base and more power for a better mowing experience, but gains back some weight for these strengths. It would be well worth noting that I haven't had a chance to use either of these mowers, so you might be wise to seek out someone with experience before forming any final judgments.
I have had the pleasure of mowing my in-law's lawn the past several weeks due to a recent surgery and recuperation, it took me back to my days mowing lawns in high school and over college summers. I forgot how unwieldy and loud some mowers can be. I had to max out the volume on my mp3 player just to hear it over the roar of the mower.

Cornering a heavy mower with a recently recouped knee has also proved more challenging than in my younger days. The Neuton mowers also start with a squeeze rather than an elongated series of pulls and grunts, which should be joyous news to anyone dealing with a mower a few years old. When we purchase a home in the near future, I would love to check out the Neuton 6.2 mower, but I would want to see a demo before I purchased it outright. These mowers may also be very useful elderly homeowners who enjoy cutting their own grass.
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