Save your money, forget about diet pills

green pills
green pills

MSNBC took a look into the effectiveness of diet pills recently and found that, on their own, diet pills won't make you thin. Despite the reality that diet pills aren't magic bullets, the drug industry is set to roll out almost 15 new diet pills in the next few years! Many experts agree that diet pills can be used in tandem with exercise to make a difference, but taking them alone is only an exercise in futility.

I think deep down a lot of people who purchase diet pills know they don't work, but at the same time they rationalize that this one is new and maybe, just maybe, it will be the one. I know I have been tempted by the snake-skin oil hucksters pitching these bowel loosing magic pills before, but I never bought in so to speak. I dropped about 40 pounds towards the end of my high school career the cheap way, running and more running, and for dessert, more running.

Now as I think about how to lose some weight I gained over the winter, I would love to be able to pop a pill in the morning for 6 weeks and drop 12 pounds. The problem is I don't want to be popping pills for the rest of my life to keep 12 pounds off, as this would get pricey real quick. For many people a diet pill could be a good tool to add to their weight loss arsenal, but relying on a pill without changing any habits is ridiculous. Save your money, in many cases a lot of money, and combine working out with eating less to lose weight.