How to hire a private investigator

magnifying glass
magnifying glass

The chances are good that you'll never need the services of a private investigator, but if you ever do, hiring a good one is essential to getting the desired results. I have found that definitive guides on the matter are virtually nonexistent, so based upon my rather extensive elbow rubbing with the men (and ladies)in blue, I have created the following guidelines for hiring a private investigator to serve your investigative needs.

Define your need. Understanding the type of services that you need an investigator to perform will aid in finding your ideal detective. As with all other fields of endeavor, PI's each have their own specialties. I suggest that you draw up an outline of what services you seek, a rough time line within which you'd like to see specific results and the final resolution that you are seeking. Creating a mental picture of the experience as you would like it to turn out can help you to make it become a reality. Be realistic however, effective investigations can be extremely time and labor intensive. Define your needs, then begin your search.