Fantastic Freebies! Lemonade stand tips and start-up kit


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Summer will soon be here again and the sinking housing market might mean things are tight. You may no longer feel comfortable shelling out for summer camp for the kids, so you'll have to get creative. here's an idea: tap into the entrepreneurial instincts of youth, and help your kids start their first business. Yes, a lemonade stand.

If you log-on to Sunkist's site, you can find everything they'll need to get started: tips for young entrepreneurs, posters, a form for keeping track of sales (, recipes, advice on pricing, success stories, and information on how to use the stand to raise money for charity. If you fill out a form, they'll mail you a lemonade stand kit. They're out of stock right now, but check back soon for more.

But you probably don't need the cardboard stand: your kids will have more fun designing their own.