Cinco de Mayo! Hamilton Beach ensemble 14-speed blender: $19:99

Daily Deal for Monday, May 5 2008:

Quick: What's the first thing you think about on Cinco de Mayo? Cervezas? Maybe. OK...Second thing you think of? That's right: margaritas.

But for those you need a blender and your blender is on the blink. Look no further than today's daily deal: Snap up this 14-speed Hamilton Beach blender for only $19.99 plus $5 shipping.

It's special "wave action system" continuously pushes down liquid so you can make the creamiest, most perfect margaritas in town. That's only fitting. And so what if you won't have it for Cinco de Mayo. Think of manana. Margaritas are one of the finest summer traditions here in El Norte, no?

Maybe you're thinking too much here. You can buy this blender elsewhere for $52 of your American dollars, but that would be muy loco. Pick it up on Woot! instead while supplies last and be ready for the summer fiestas. No need to think twice about that.