Is a college education really worth the price?


Recently, a Darmouth College lecturer announced her plans to sue her students. Apparently, Dr. Priya Venkatesan was angry about the fact that her pupils were complaining to her boss and openly disagreeing with her. The final straw was when one of her classes applauded a student who argued with her. She subsequently sent them an e-mail that read, in part:

Dear former class members [...] I regret to inform you that I am pursuing a lawsuit in which I am accusing some of you [...] of violating Title VII of anti-federal discrimination laws [...] I am also writing a book detailing my experiences as your instructor, which will "name names" so to speak. I have all your evaluations and these will be reproduced in the book [...] Have a nice day.

In the weeks since her e-mail, Venkatesan's lawsuit hasn't been going very well. According to some sources, she was unable to find a lawyer to represent her, while other sources stated that she has retained a lawyer and is suing Dartmouth College. The basis for her lawsuit is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which guards against employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin. Venkatesan apparently feels that, due to her race, Dartmouth failed to suitably protect her from her students.