Help wanted: Support groups for the newly retired


I love Norm Brodsky's long-running "Street Smarts" column in Inc. It got even better for me a couple of years ago, when he turned it into a diary chronicling the sale of his business. Having sold one myself, I couldn't wait to see what was in store.

Brodsky didn't disappoint. The ups, the downs. The starts, stops and re-starts of getting a deal done. The thrill of the payout. All in this refreshingly blunt, first-person way that somehow made it OK for Brodksy to brag, because he'd tell you he was doing just that.

I just finished his May column, where Brodsky wears on his sleeve his struggles six months after the sale -- struggles that have zero to do with money. He doesn't sound at all like the same, master-of-his-domain kind of guy. I'm writing this somewhat spooked, because he wrote about precisely what I experienced after my sale: the misery, the weight of trying to figure out what to do next.