2,900 calorie cheese fries at Outback Steakhouse


The last time I wrote about restaurants offering huge portions of unhealthy calories, one kind commenter referred to me as "food Stalin."

Well now I'm at it again. Fortune Small Businessreports that Outback Steakhouse sells 2,900 calorie cheese-fries. A new law in New York requires that the company and other large chains post the calorie information on the menu, and other states may follow suit.

Of course, there's nothing illegal about offering 2,900 calorie cheese-fries. But I have to say: I think it's at least socially irresponsible to offer serving sizes that are by definition unhealthy for anyone to eat.

Whether disclosure laws will do anything to temper people's appetites is doubtful. The amount of knowledge/information that consumers have about nutrition has done nothing but increase over the past 50 years -- and has our nation's collective waistline.