Millionaires are investing their money. Are you?


A recent study of the investing activity of millionaires has found that 27% plan to invest more in individual stocks this year. Only half as many will invest more in real estate, and only a very small percentage say they'll decrease their stock investments.

This is seen as good news for the American economy! Our economy grows when people invest in companies and technologies, which creates new opportunities, new jobs, and new wealth. It can have a snowball effect, much the same way as decreased investment can have a negative snowballing effect on our economy.

You're thinking to yourself, "Who cares! I'm not a millionaire." We might not be millionaires, but there are certainly some lessons we can learn from them, and one is about the value of saving and investing.

Oh sure, it's much easier to save or invest when you have several hundred thousand dollars lying around waiting to be used. But if millionaires were interested in only spending all the money they're making, they may not be millionaires for long.