Cheap eats in danger: Save our taco trucks!


It's May Day, traditionally international worker's day. A perfect day to go out and support the working man's favorite food source: The taco truck.

Ask any Angeleno: Taco trucks are as much a part of the L.A. landscape as pho places and sushi bars. They provide a source of delicious -- and affordable -- food for the working people of this city, Hispanic, Anglo, African American and Asian alike.

But due to complaints from restaurant owners, the L.A. Board of supervisors passed a law two weeks ago that would slap a $1,000 fine on trucks parked in the same spot for more than one hour. That hits below the belt for most of these trucks, which are usually small family businesses. They argue that they serve a different population than restaurants, serving good food at affordable prices that even low-income workers can manage.