All the news that's fit to wear


You saw the news. Now you can wear it.

A friend of mine forwarded me a link yesterday, and at first, I was sure I was looking at one of those fake news sites, or maybe some scam. It didn't seem possible. But there it was, right on a CNN web address. They're selling T-shirts with headlines on them, and while that doesn't necessarily sound like a bad idea, the headline I was looking at read: Crying 4-year-old found along highway.

Then below that, in small print, are the words: I just saw it on CNN. 08:56 a.m. 4.30.08

Now there's a feel-good T-shirt if I ever saw one. I'm being sarcastic, but the marketing department at CNN, I suspect, would say that it has a positive message: The crying 4-year-old boy is doing just fine. He was found in Cleveland, Ohio, roaming near a very busy freeway, looking for his lost dog when the police and local news crew found him. It's a nice enough story with a happy ending. And should you be interested, you can buy the T-shirt for $15.