Sweet, sweet relaxation: Massaging chair, $99.99

Back in the eighties, when stores like Brookstone and the Sharper Image first started populating the malls in my area, I would always gravitate toward the cool electronic gadgets, while my parents hovered around the massagers. Portable massagers, handheld massagers, massaging chairs...whatever it was, if it had the ability to work knots out of their necks and backs, they were ready to shell out money for it. One time, in fact, they even bought a massaging pillow; whenever I put my head on it, my optic nerve would vibrate and things would get wavy.

The things that they wanted most of all, which we would all have to try out whenever the opportunity arose, were the massaging chairs. Of course, we could have bought the cheap ones, but they were a little rough; to me, it always felt like a horse was walking up and down my spine. The better, more relaxing massagers were always out of our range.

Recently, however, Brookstone has put its Programmable Personal Back Masseuse on sale for just under a hundred dollars, 74% off its usual price of $275. The masseuse is made with a neoprene backing, which makes it firm and well-anchored. Moreover, its wide selection of massage options means that there's a perfect setting for you, regardless of your problem.

Best of all, at only $100, it won't add stress to your shoulders!

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