How to light your house for free


I have long been jealous of any home or office with a skylight. The thought of enjoying sunshine even when indoors and hard at work is giving me energy right now. Unfortunately most skylights are large windows, which can also be a thorn in the side of your heating bill. Thankfully there is a innovative solution which uses "a series of tubes" to deliver sunlight to several rooms.

This lighting system is made by Sun-Tek and come in several configurations depending how you want to use sunlight in your house. The Sun-Tek tubes can even be outfitted with an additional light so you don't need to install other fixtures to use the room at night. According to the Sun-Tek website the smallest tube they offer, 10 inches, is equivalent to two 100 watt light bulbs, sure to brighten up your home.

I'm not sure that any studies have linked sunshine to productivity, but I know sunshine bumps mine up. I would love to have a skylight in the shower in order to harness the sun's energy as part of my morning wake up routine. I don't know how far these tubes can carry the sunlight, but how cool would it be to light your basement man-cave with sunlight? You know: for those times you need to be sure just how many troops you have in Australia before you launch your quest for world domination.