How to factor grants and scholarships in college choice


On May 1st high school seniors across the country will be making one of the biggest decisions of their lives - where to go to college. For many the key factor in that decision will be finances and the financial aid packages offered. In other words, if college is in your family's future, this weekend is a big deal.

There are thousands of grants and scholarships available each year, but free money isn't always easy to find. Reference books can be expensive and cumbersome, and most experts say that they're not worth the $50 price tag. Instead, check out one of the many online databases to find out what grants and scholarships are available.

Here are some places to start looking:

GrantsWeb - Information on government and private funding, as well as other resources.

Federal Domestic Assistance Catalogue - A searchable directory of federal programs that provides assistance including formula grants and project grants.

GrantSource Service - From UNC Chapel Hill, this site has a library of grant databases for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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