Recession watch: Cutting back on concerts and sports


This post is part of a series about real-life signs we're in a recession.

My wife and I usually take in a few concerts or comedians during the year as well as catching the occasional hockey and baseball game. This year, however, has proven different on both fronts. We missed the entire season of our favorite minor league hockey team, the Ft. Wayne Komets, and passed on seeing the hilarious Jeff Dunham in Michigan last month. We will also be passing on several concerts in the coming months.

These changes in our entertainment habits were spurred by the rising gas prices and tightening our belt due to the current economic slowdown. Spending $100 plus dinner on a concert when unemployment is rising, seems rather frivolous. Listening to a the latest album in surround sound or catching an HD concert on cable allows us to work on paying down debt and prepare for any consequences of the current economic downturn.

Even though we have cut back, we will still plan to catch some minor league baseball, while we root on the Mudhens! Thankfully the tickets are an incredibly good value, and by going with friends we can keep the gas cost down. We are saving more money by going to the alumni day our alma mater is putting on at the stadium. Group price tickets and a cheap diner nearby make for a fun and frugal night.

While the recession is keeping us from seeing our favorites up close an personal, we don't plan to sit at home and become spinsters. We will still try to take in concerts, comedians and sporting events closer to home and in the company of friends to keep costs down.