Jerome Kerviel gets a new job ... and so can you!


So much for the rumors of a rough job market.

Former Societe Generale trader Jerome Kerviel has landed a job as a trainee at Lemaire Consultants & Associates, which specializes in computer security and system development.

Mr Kerviel's resume: Lost $7.6 billion as a rogue trader. A low-level employee who nearly brought down one of France's premier banks with unauthorized trades that he didn't personally profit from. Recently released from jail; familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.

What to make of this news? If Jerome Kerviel can get a job, so can anyone! If you're job hunt isn't going well, don't get discouraged.

But Jerome Kerviel may be overqualified for this job. Given his ability to lose huge sums of money on stupid trades, he could be an ideal fit for the top spot at Countrywide Financial or Bear Stearns.

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