Fantastic freebies! EAS Whey protein sample and more!


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Whey protein is one of the favorite products of every bodybuilder -- and anyone else who's even casually interested in developing a lean, muscular physique.

As the company behind the Body-for-LIFE products, EAS is one of the more respected names in the nutritional supplement industry, a world that has its fair share of charlatans.

If you fill out this form, they'll send you a free sample of a product. Here are the sample codes you can enter:

  • Whey Protein: Offer Code 4127

  • Myoplex Lite Bar: Offer Code ROME2

  • AdvE Complete Nutrition Bar: Offer Code SHAPE1

Caveat Emptor (or whatever the Latin for "cheapskate" is): Scanning through message boards, some posters complain that they had to wait over a month to receive the samples they requested.