Breast milk cheese and other things that are difficult to believe


I'm beginning to think that old adage you can't believe everything you read should be changed to, you can't believe anything you read.

Earlier this week, The Chicago Tribune had a posting on their blog about cheese made of human breast milk. To the writer's credit, she right away said she had a feeling that this story was a hoax. Then thankfully she told us all about the web site, because, boy, what a story if it were true. However, it's almost certainly not. It can't be. But if you ever want to check out the French web site, in English since Google has a translation for it, Le Petit Singly, you can read all about their human breast milk cheese.

The web site suggests that you enjoy their cheese with red wine, or perhaps grilled on toast or as fondue.

According to Le Petit Singly, the company that makes this cheese has been around since 1947, and the breast milk comes from human donors between the ages of 25 and 45, and they donate when they're coming to the end of breastfeeding their babies. If you're a pregnant mother reading this and are interested in donating -- well, you can go to the web site and apparently email the owners about it.