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recordFinding new music that isn't played on Top 40 radio can be difficult, especially in areas without an independent record store or a radio station not owned by Clear Channel. Purchasing a new album can be exciting but you also risk not enjoying the new artist. Purchase enough new music and you're bound to waste a significant chunk of change on duds.

A few months ago I found a cool new website which carries loads of independent artists and prices their songs in a manner which is great for anyone searching for new artists. Amie Street has a community driven pricing model with songs ranging from free to 98 cents. This model makes checking out a new artist easier than grabbing your morning coffee at Starbucks. The catalog covers a large range of music and even includes some well known artists, though you will likely be paying full price for their albums. As the artist or song becomes more popular the price will rise so you are rewarded for trying something new!Another cool aspect is the "Rec" feature Amie Street uses for recommending new artists. After you purchase new music you have the opportunity to use your recommendations to gain store credit for songs which rise in price after you recommend them. The music is DRM free and samples are available for all of the tracks.

Amie Street has provided a special link for WalletPop readers, if you click here to join Amie Street; you get $3 in store credit and 3 "Rec's" for free.

I received no compensation for writing this post and I will not blog about anything I am paid to promote. That's how we roll here at WalletPop!
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