Your first step to gardening fun

Today's Daily Deal is a pair of Irwin Heavy duty gloves, $13.86 from

All of my life, I've ignored the curse of poison ivy, seemingly immune to its effects. Until last summer. While hacking down some rogue vines overhanging my shed, I noticed that they had three leaves. Three days later, I was reminded of the old rhyme, "If leaves three, let it be." But too late.

Luckily, I was wearing a good pair of gardening gloves, which saved my hands from the blisters. Poison Ivy isn't the only hazard that calls for sturdy gardening gloves, though. Biting insects, glass shards and sharp thorns can make a day in the garden less than pleasant.

These gloves from Irwin are well padded, breathable and adjustable, just the ticket for a day in the dirt. Better yet, they're on sale.