Mortgage Confidential: Lower your closing costs


Mortgage expert David Reed invites Walletpop readers to ask him questions about real estate financing. leave your questions in the comment section of this post.

Let's do a flip on a previous post where we talked about how to lower your mortgage rate by 1/4% by paying one discount point. Lenders can lower your mortgage rate for you if you decide you want to pay them for the privilege. On a $250,000 note, two points would lower your rate by about 1/2% but it would cost you $5,000 to do so. What if you didn't have $5,000 for points? Well, then you'd get the mortgage rate offered at zero points. But what if you were also short on closing costs and didn't have the money for things such as an appraisal, title insurance or attorney fees? Again, look to your rate.

Just as lenders may reduce your rate by 1/4% by paying a point, they can also increase your rate by that same 1/4% and give you a point that you can use at closing to help offset closing costs. Does that make sense? Of course it does.