If you've left the house and don't like how you're dressed...

I admire entrepreneurs who come up with really new, novel ideas for a product or service. For instance, last year, I interviewed a guy who started an insurance company to protect clients from weather -- and not just hurricanes and tornadoes, but an ordinary rainy day on a golf course or a car wash, since, let's face it, on days like that, those business owners don't stand a chance of making a profit. I always thought that was clever, and from what I know, the company's doing very well.

And then a few years ago, I spoke to a woman about a company she was starting, thinking that it might make a good article, but my story never went anywhere, nor did her business, I believe, but it was unique. She had a business where she would scatter a loved one's ashes anywhere in the world. But since the grieving person had to pay for her travel expenses, I kept thinking, "Why shouldn't the grieving person just go and do it themselves and get a vacation and probably much more healing out of it? And how hard is it to scatter someone's ashes, anyway?" And that's probably why, as far as I know, her company didn't last long. But she had done the task for a friend, and it had gone well, and so she came up with this business concept.

But I salute Indian entrepreneur Jagdeep Kapoor, whose company Grabbit Franchisee Lette has come up with what I believe is a first. Grabbit is a vending machine business, and it's currently trying to interest establishments in purchasing...vending machines that sell shirts.