Go green! Cut down on unwanted catalogs


I'm not sure why or how but for some reason I currently receive several women's apparel magazines, all addressed to me. My wife loves to give me a hard time about these catalogs, all of which I am sure I receive because of some purchase I made for her, a birthday present or another random gift. My credit card purchases must have thrown up a flag and --ZAP-- my address was handed off to women's retailers all over. I assumed I would at the least be in need of 4-5 phone calls before I could rid myself of this waste of paper and time.

Thankfully I was wrong, Catalog Choice, is a very useful site which lets you bulk unsubscribe from many magazines. The sign up process is very simple and the site has a large selection of catalogs to request removal from adding to the usefulness. You may be wary of handing over your home address, but seriously how else are they going to remove a "Josh Smith' from mailing lists nationwide! I have already signed up and I am working my way through several catalogs we receive but have a need for. Cutting down on catalogs is great, it saves time, reduces clutter and is better for the environment.