Farming your front yard in suburbia


In a quest for sustainability, self sufficiency and money saving; folks nationwide are trading in their Scotts Turfbuilder for manure as they begin growing crops at home. Homegrown veggies and herbs sound wonderful to me, especially with the warm weather we are finally getting in Ohio. I can appreciate the ideas behind farming in suburbia, replacing your front yard with rows of crops is taking it a step too far. If I was a homeowner I would help anyone on my block till up and seed their backyard, but I draw the line at rows of soybeans in the front yard. Putting negative pressure on my property value by growing crops in your front yard makes me long for the rules and strictness of a good ol' home-owner's association.

A backyard garden can be loads of fun and makes for a great family project over the summer months. Divvying up the chores for a garden is a great way to share family time and show children the value of hard work. If you are getting ready to garden, be sure to check out this handy guide for growing vegetables. It leads you through site selection, soil prep and garden care. Everything you need to keep fresh produce on your dinner table all summer long.

If you do have a home garden, feel free to send me some of your wonderful homegrown veggies!