Flashback to the swinging seventies: Alaska's building a gas pipeline!


As a student of history, I often wonder what it would be like to live in another era. I imagine myself, fedora-clad, smoking my way through the 1930's or perhaps wearing something in a nice olive green and smoking my way through Europe in the early '40s. Alternately, I could even see myself in a slick sharkskin suit and thin tie, smoking in an office in the 1950's.

Looking at the last paragraph, I'm sensing a trend.

Anyway, I don't often imagine myself in the 1970's, as I've already been through that decade once. Granted, my seventies experience didn't really involve any of the big themes of the era, like women's lib, stadium rock, and drug abuse. For me, it was a time of child-sized leisure suits, earth-tones, and the Six Million Dollar Man.