Danger, Will Robinson: Car-jacking ahead


An acquaintance of mine was riding his motorcycle through an unfamiliar section of Chicago several years ago when a naked woman ran out of an apartment building, jumped on back and demanded that he help her flee an unhappy paramour. While the situation turned out OK, I think of this every time I'm in an unfamiliar city and find myself in a seedy-looking neighborhood.

A new invention by Honda, due to hit the market in Japan within the next two years, will address this concern. Its navigation system will incorporate crime information, alerting drivers when they wander into Grand Theft- Auto territory. Now, if they'd only offer a laser-cannon option on my Civic...

This brilliant tech could be employed in many other ways, too. It could warn shopaholics when the car is about to pass through the local version of Rodeo Drive. It could help Cubs fans avoid White Sox neighborhoods, blue state drivers avoid red state highways, and the weight conscious avoid Carbohydrate Alley. Oh, wondrous future!