Playing the gas price game


As gas prices rise, companies are scrambling to fill the role of buyer's agent for we the suffering public. Your search for the best gas deal can be made easier by various internet sites, or our GPS units or cell phones, all of which can be used to comparison shop. Among the sites that might save you a couple of bucks-

  • gasprices.Mapquest .com merges mapping with gas price data to route you to the cheapest petrol in your proximity.

  • is another site offering real time gas prices in your area.

  • also offers a widget via Mobio that will take the gas price, your current location, and geospatial data and send the cheapest gas location to your cell phone.

  • MSN Autos Gas Price plots cheap gas locations on a Microsoft base map.

The key to this business, of course, is accurate data, and in such a rapidly evolving market, determining which is best is like picking the tastiest fish from a school swimming by. And, of course, the gas sellers know about these sites, and don't you suspect they are always just one step ahead?

via SearchEngineJournal