Hooray! Happy day and thanks - Video Poker & Hearts Wrap Up


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Today at Games.com is a happy day. We've worked long and hard to get games out and it seemed like we were running on empty for a while. But this week we've launch two hugely important game.

1. Earlier this week Hearts went out the door. It's a really, really good version of the game and I have been enjoying it THOROUGHLY. The game had been in Beta for what seemed like forever and we finally pulled it all together and released it. From what I have seen people have been enjoying the game and Shooting the Moon!
For me, I had never been that much of a Hearts player (maybe played a few times in High School) This game has made me a Hearts player. I know the rules, I'm learning how to set up runs to shoot the moon and I'm just loving the fast pace of the game.

2. Today, we launched Video Poker Beta. This one, THIS ONE IS BIG! Why you ask? It's just Poker? Well, because our executives here at AOL/Games.com are watching. When the boss man is watching, you want to deliver. Unfortunately, the game was delayed a couple of months and the boss man was on our back. Business wise, we needed this game to come out so we could meet one of our goals. Well, it's out and people are loving it.
The game is based on those old 5-card video poker machines you always find in convenience stores, except this one, you don't have to play alone! You can chat and make friends while you play away the day with fake money! How great is that! I've been really enjoying the game and hope everyone will give it a whirl. (I know it seems like I say that about everything but I REALLY DON'T!)

It is so energizing to release good products and get good feedback from the community on the game. We make these games after all with you in mind. We try and solicit feedback and bring you into the development process as much as we can. We're so happy here to get these things out the door.

Please please, let us know what you think of the games and what I can do on this blog to help you enjoy the games!