Fantastic freebies! 3 bags of Yogi Tea


Every day, WalletPop will be bringing you information about a fantastic freebie. Like what you see? Check back tomorrow for more!

When I mentioned a free bag of Laci Le Beau Tea as a Fantastic Freebie last week, my mother wasn't too happy with me: "I have to fill out that whole survey for a tea bag?"

Today's Fantastic Freebie is for my mom. This time, you get 3 bags of Yogi Tea if you fill out this form:

  • Meditative Time: Expand your mind and refresh your spirit with our fragrant Meditative Time. To create this blissful blend, we begin with helichrysum and shank pushpi, which help support cognitive functions, memory and perception.

  • Mexican Sweet Chili: As your senses rejoice with our Mexican Sweet Chili, picture yourself at a lively fiesta as the sun sets over the enchanting Mexican landscape. This spirited blend combines the intensely rich aroma of cocoa with the invigorating spice of cayenne.

  • Berry Anti-Oxidant: Find a personal fountain of youth with a cup of Berry Anti-Oxidant. Our fragrant blend combines acai, goji and coffee berries to help renew your youthful energy and spirit. This blend is specially formulated to combat the damaging effects of free radicals in the body, which can accelerate aging.