Dogfights in the dining room! Mini RC airplane $49.99

Although my parents probably spent a small fortune on toys when I was a kid, my favorites playthings were Styrofoam gliders. Available for under $1.00 from my local convenience store, the gliders were made up to look like various World War II fighter planes. With a little practice and some slight adjustments, I learned to make them fly in circles, go into nosedives and do several other incredibly unimpressive tricks. I was totally hooked.

Of course, what I really wanted was a collection of super cool remote control airplanes that I could use to perform aerial acrobatics, stage elaborate combat scenarios, and generally torture my pets. However, these were pipe dreams, utilizing technology that didn't really exist in the late seventies. Of course, even had the technology existed, it would have been way beyond my price range.

But not anymore! Think Geek is now offering amped-up versions of my childhood gliders. The Palm-Z Mini Indoor R/C Airplane has a minuscule 8" wingspan and weighs a mere ten ounces, yet it is fully-functional and is capable of all sorts of acrobatics. It is rechargeable, lightweight, and designed for flying indoors. Best of all, if you buy two, ThinkGeek will knock $10 off the price.

Now if I could only figure out a way to mount machine guns on the front...