Fantastic freebies! Computer game from the Army!


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When I was younger, my mother complained frequently about the high cost of the video games my brother and I wanted to buy: "$40? What a waste! Do something constructive!"

In retrospect she was 100% right, and I'm glad she discouraged us from frittering away time and money on mindless entertainment.

But free video games? That's an entirely different story. And you'll be thrilled to know that your taxpayer dollars are being used to fund the effort. If you fill out this form on, the Army's recruiting arm, they'll send you "more information on joining Army Special Forces, as well as your copy of the Special Forces game CD."

A word to all of you armchair tough guys out there: if you don't really want to join the army, don't give them your cell phone number -- you'll be getting a call from a recruiter. Maybe they'll be less likely to call you if you check the boxes saying that you have asthma and will definitely not join the military.

Want more free Army stuff? Fill out this form and get a free messenger bag.